Andrei Jay is a mathematician, video artist and educator.  Significantly more information can be found here.  For questions and for consulting, tutoring, and workshops they can be contacted at ex.zee.ex at gmail dot com

October 15 2020

October:  still not the 8th month for some reason!  Also finishe up this ridiculous teaser for the new video waaaves suite release!

October 14 2020

I have added two new long term classes that I’ll be offering!  Entitled “EVERYTHING I KNOW VIDEO” and “EVERYTHING I KNOW AUDIO” they are pretty self explanatory, but more explanations can be found here!  Also have gotten started on the setup guide for Video Waaaves suite 2.5!  

September 20 2020

    I’m trying out a new ‘news’ section on my website, partially to get more information on the landing page here, partially to let folks know about updates, performances, talks, and other such interesting stuff that may be happening in my zones! 
    In September thus far theres been a lot going on!  I have a new class on the schedule for October 7th at Phase Space that you can sign up for over here.  I hired an employee to help out with building and shipping Waaave_Pool and the other VSERPI instruments I make and sell!  And I updated Artificial Life with new color capabilities and updated a-lifes info site to reflect that.  
    I’ll be doing a livestremed performance along with some fantastic folks called “Recursive News” for fu:bar at 3pm EST on Monday October 5th.  Ivan Marusic Klif will be leading a Phosphorm workshop at Vector Hack festival around the same time and I’ll be doing a livestreamed talk for the workshop as well (not sure on the times yet, will post here when I find out!).
    I also had a meeting with some folks just yesterday about the future of Phase Space, how to get more folks involved in the collective, and how to get more community access to our resources, stay tuned here and at for more info on events, video equipment library nights, workshops, repair nights, open live screenings, and more!
    The main thing I’ve been working on this month tho is a giant update to Video_Waaaves.  Long story short, the Video_Waaaves 2.5 will come with desktop versions of Artificial_Life and Spectral_Mesh, NDI support for screen grabbing capabilities for OSX, Windows 10, and Linux, and full video reactive capabilities for all 3 instruments.  Video reactive means that you can use live video signals as control sources for all video parameters.  Its pretty similar to the ModulateFoo functions in Hydra and the texuture to control capabilities of some Vsynth modules. The main difference between the stuff I’m working on and Vsynth and Hydra is that Vsynth and Hydra offer wide open playgrounds for general purpose video synthesis and processing explorations while each on of my instruments is more focused on very specific zones and are more fine tuned for the kind of pathological signal flows and convoluted chaos that I’m interested in.  This update will be finished up and ready for download (did I mention that this is free open source software?) by the beginning of October at the latest!
    In non video synth news I just finished reading the new Philip Pullman novel.  I enjoyed it enough to finish it but felt a bit like there was some element of going over the top with making the main characters miserable tho perhaps the final book in the series will put a different context on that. I was also a bit confused by the part involving the Hyperchorasmians and the other rationalist philosophy book that was driving the rift between Lyra and Pan. It seemed like an incredibly crucial part of the plot that Lyra had become hyperrational and ‘lost their imagination’ but there was very little action in the novel that related this information and instead we were just directly informed of this fact every 30 pages or so by someones internal or external dialogue.  Something I’m kind of leery of in fiction is setting up ‘straw dogs’ to represent views that someone finds distasteful.  I don’t necessarily recommend reading Ayn Rand but their fiction is kind of a perfect example of this kind of business.  Ironically, the Hyperchorasmians book seems like a bit of a pastiche of Randian philosophy and also seems to be treated in a similar way in this book to how Rand portrays anyone who disagrees with their ‘Selfishness is the only Virtue’ approach to life.  

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