I offer one on one and group session tutorials at flexible and affordable rates.  My personal unique strengths include creative coding (meaning both coding for the purpose of designing tools for creative purposes as well as the creative activity of developing new coding approaches and techniques), applied mathematics for optimizing the development of software that uses emergent properties to model analog systems, and digital and analog audio and video signal processing and synthesis.  For more information and to arrange tutoring, lecturing, or workshops contact ex.zee.ex at gmail dot com 

Here is a selection of some of the online tutorials I have put together.

For more info on the regular series of irl and url video art classes that I lead click here

If you appreciate the public domain open source software and educational materials I provide and can afford to spare some cash it is highly appreciated! The more donations I recieve the more time I have to spend on developing these resources!  Please also consider subscribing to my patreon page as small amounts of regular income are appreciated as well!