for now all I’ve got for you is this handy dandy (handrei dandrei?) guide to
getting started with Video Waaaves Suite 2.718
getting started with using NDI with the VSEDSK!
no you do not need to know how to write code in order to use these things.  you will need to install some kind of IDE tho and follow some mildly perplexing instructions!  Just set aside like 20-40 minutes on some afternoon (literally most of that time is waiting for shit to download, not actively working on the install), go through the instructions step by step, have faith in the process, and you will be good to go!


VIDEO_WAAAVES is the main and original piece of video synthesis software i designed.  at the time i created and released it I had no real intentions of extending it into a suite, adapting it for raspberry pis or jetson nanos, or any kind of monetization other than just asking folks for paypal donations every so often.  Then later on, due mainly to some mild financial desperation & fan requests, i made a tiny and grungey port of VIDEO_WAAAVES to the raspberry pi and called it WAAAVE_POOL.  I immediately decided that I did not want to in any way try to imply that VIDEO_WAAAVES=WAAAVE_POOL, in fact the name WAAAVE_POOL was specficially chosen b/c I wanted to imply that the raspberry pi version was more playful, fun, and immature than its intimidating cousin.  I then immediately fucked up those intentions and called my etsy shop VIDEOWAAAVES (due to some kind of backwards thinking idea of like vaugue social media branding hashtag bullshit whatever) and ensured that nearly everyone who just entered into a consumerist relationship with the VSERPI without any kind of self education on the backgrounds of anything would associate VIDEOWAAAVES with the WAAAVE_POOL.

Then i went and done developed like 5 more video synthesis tools and quickly made some more foolish mistakes by just naming them the same fucking thing for desktop and rpi version (i.e Spectral_Mesh, artificial_life etc), tho this could be justified in some way by the fact that these versions did not quite differ in quite so many fundamental ways as WP and VW and for the most part were actually consisting of almost entirely the same code base instead of the complete rewrite between Wp and VW.  Then I went and muddied the waters further by calling the desktop version VIDEO_WAAAVES_SUITE, which i’m pretty sure helped nothing and no one in the ongoing saga of ‘andrei stumbling through amusing and confusing failures in naming things.’

About 1 year later after patiently explaining the difference between VIDEO_WAAAVES and WAAAVE_POOL to folks interested in buying shit from me I decided to be a bit more intentional about nomenclature and came up with VIDEO SYNTHESIS ECOSPHERE as a global concept.  Seemed like a much better approach, and it could easily be sub referenced by such catchy acronyms as VSERPI, VSEDSKP, and the forthcoming VSEJET (yes i thought abou VSENANO and immediately figured out that ppl would first think about nanokontrols instead of jetson nanos so JET it iS, unless i decide otherwise lol).  I edited up my website, made some seperate zones for VSERPI and VSEDSK (with the money making VSERPI getting a giant overhaul and VSEDSK getting severely underrepresented, which i’ve been trying to catch up from ever since) and then tried to get folks to catch on to those terms.

of course i still kept the etsy shop titled VIDEOWAAAVES bc/ i didn’t have the patience to go through and fix every single link i’d created and that most likely shot me in the foot.  Months and months of explaining to interested shoppers the fundamental basics of my still obscure terminologies led me to replace the VSERPI and VSEDSK sidebar links with WAAAVE_POOL and friends and VIDEO_WAAAVES and friends, as well as taught me the useful fact that years of social media abuse and aggressive consumerist pandering driving web design have resulted in many north americans and western europeans being mostly unwilling to extend effort in navigating a website that doesn’t just consist of buttons screaming CLICK THIS TO CONVINCE YOURSELF TO SPEND MONEY.  Explaining to the many folks who, with patient and unthinking  condescension, tried to tell me how I should redesign things to increase commerce that my primary goal with having a website was education, sharing artwork, and providing long form absurdest rants like this with commerce being a very second class citizen in this population of priorities was always fun.  The sheer number of people who still imagine that their personal common sense and priorities obviously scale into global common sense and priorities will never cease to amaze. 

so long and short of it is: i made some silly beginners mistakes, and the prioritized making money off of VSERPI for so long that i’ve created a confusing mess of inconsistent names, brands, hashtags, etc etc that all compete and overlap with one another in incredibly frustrating ways.  Probably the only way i’ll really be able to leave all that nonsense behind is when i close down my etsy shop for good and use other methods to sell video synths if and when i decide to do any more of that biz.

BUT THAT IS WHY you clicked a link that said Video_Waaaves and friends, and ended up on a page that proclaims VIDEO SYNTHESIS ECOSPHERE DESKTOP, and also probably has some confusing references to Video_Waaaves Suite still untidied up littered within its panoply.  Its totally my bad but i have faith that you, the folks who read longer form text things that don’t even have images in between every paragraph break on websites anymore can figure shit out ;).  Folks that aren’t willing to extend themselves in that way: sorry, but you’re not invited to the party any more.

If you appreciate the public domain open source software and educational materials I provide and can afford to spare some cash it is highly appreciated! The more donations I recieve the more time I have to spend on developing these resources!  Please also consider subscribing to my patreon page as small amounts of regular income are appreciated as well!