I dont believe in private property, capitalism, consumerism, democracy, communism, or despotism. I don’t beleive in the legitimacy of any legal systems based on any of these structures either.  What I mean by Open Source has very little to do with legal entities, licenses, or any kind of systemic allowance for any kind of intellectual property.  Instead of operating with the mindset that assumes that all information is ‘owned’ by default and that it is necessary to add legal disclaimers to proclaim in what way it is or is not ‘owned’ I operate under the assumption that all information is free by default.  In the short term there definitely exist power structures that will attempt to prevent information from being free with the end goal of exploiting this system for profit.  In the long term history shows that these attempts always fail.  I belive that quietly leading by example will always be a more powerful form of communication than any sort of aggressive proselytization.  If you are a believer in open source licensing and have issues with the methods by which I use words I would ask you to consider the depths by which the meme of private ownership has seeped into your conciousness and to what degree you are comfortable with the ownership of ideas as a default assumption.  

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