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Your purchase of Waaave Pool HD comes with
-WPHD main processing unit (jetson nano + waveshare hardshell case)
-midi controller
-analog video (rca composite and s-video) input
-digital hdmi input
-pdf manual
-master boot options for running Artificial Life HD, and Temporal Vortex HD on your WPHD hardware!


For version 1.0 we are just going to go with the most basic port of Waaave Pool possible, with the only two significant changes being  1. HD (1280x720p) internal processing and output (contrasted with 640x480p on the VSERPI WP), and
2. 8 second delay buffer (contrasted with 2 second delay buffer on VSERPI WP)
And thats its!  just keeping things real, keeping shit simple, not trying to mess with success here.

I’m somewhat torn about the general future of the VSEJET ports of VSERPI.  One part of me wants to just keep them as is but just beef up the very basic stuffs like resolutions, delay times, etc; stuff that doesn’t really require any kind of systemic redesign.  Another part of me wants to go a bit deeper and offer GUI stuffs with more visual feedback on controls, save states, extra modes & customization etc.  I’ll do some polls once ppl get a chance to play with the new VSEJET synths but my feelings on future development would be:

1. keep the VSERPI ports as plug n play as possible.  Something i’ve noticed a lot of GW users mentioned is that they miss the immediacy of WP and the other VSERPI; in that you can just power them on and get started without much overhead.

2. Also do work on redesigning the synthesis systems of each one and look at how to make a more complex GUI oriented system for them.  I’m thinking that Artificial Life in particular would really benefit from both a total code base overhaul as well as some kind of gui to help out understanding how the controls map to each oscillator set.

purchase WPHD here!

Frequently Asked Question

(yes there is apparantly only one)

Can I update my VSERPI WP for a WPHD?

Nope, Nope, Nope!  Its literally been written down over here for years on a website that almost everyone who has ever used any VSERPI has had to visit fairly regularly (b/c i keep the manuals as .html only for some reason) why theres no hd versions of the VSERPI, its not like i’m playing tricks on yall and just been waiting for all raspberry pi 3bs to finally officially go obsolete to then pull a switcheroo and say “actually yeah, theres a really great secret update out there i’ve been sitting on for just now.”  That would just be a seriously weird way to play out a long con and i’m not exactly sure what the return would be.  I know i’ve got some kind of reputation, but hopefully not one as some kind of absurd & capricious hd withholding grifter.

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