I offer two extended courses in ‘Everything I know’, one focusing on video and the other focusing on audio.  Each course is taught on a weekly basis which ideally involves some IRL interactions at my studio but can be adapted for online situations if necessary.  The cost of these classes is 600usd per 2 calendar month window of which half will be paid up front and the other half upon the end of the 2 month window.  Potential options for trading for goods and services are also negotiable.  The topics will include literally everything I know about the subjects.  For both audio and video this includes:

*the basic components of signals both from a theoretical design perspective as well as a practical routing and processing perspective

*the basic components of systems: how to understand existing signal systems, how to design ones own signal systems, and how to be intentional with both of these approaches

*the fundamentals of both timeline based post processing (DAWs and nonlinear editors) and instrumentational live performance as well as how to utitlize these two approaches in synergy

*fundamentals of human perception of visual and auditory signals and how to use this knowledge in practical ways to best realize ones goals in artistic communication (and scientific research!)

*fundamentals of mathematics, computer science, and complex systems theory, how to approach them in a fun and intuitional manner, and how to use them as tools to enhance more visceral methods of creative experimentation within the audio and visual worlds

*fundamentals of chaos magick and the occult relationship with idea space and how to use these approaches to develop ones creative processes

*far too many more things to list on a website, you will just have to sign up to find out!


Please email ex.zee.ex at gmail dot com with the subject line “EVERYTHING YOU KNOW AUDIO/VIDEO” to schedule an interview session. Include the answers to the following questions: 
1.What is your background on the subject?
2.What are your goals?
3. There will be homework assigned for this course, are you willing to do work outside of the sessions?

Scheduling and homework will all be flexible to account for everyones work and family schedules.

If you appreciate the public domain open source software and educational materials I provide and can afford to spare some cash it is highly appreciated! The more donations I recieve the more time I have to spend on developing these resources!  Please also consider subscribing to my patreon page as small amounts of regular income are appreciated as well!