Andrei Jay is a mathematician, video artist, educator, and soft/hardware designer.  Andrei’s main focus is on de-emphasizing the consumerist nature of technology based art and artistic and  educational communications by designing open source video synthesis systems, working heavily with “e-waste” and “dumpstered” components, and hosting a wide variety of free and donation based pre-recorded and live workshops and tutorials.  Andrei’s secondary focuses include the study of nonlinear dynamics and iterative feedback systems in digital and analog signal processing chains, emergent behavior and complex systems, and analog digital hybrid video signal systems as spatio-temporal research tools   Andrei would prefer no pronouns if at all possible but ‘they’ works if you absolutely require one.


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If you appreciate the public domain open source software and educational materials I provide and can afford to spare some cash it is highly appreciated! The more donations I recieve the more time I have to spend on developing these resources!  Please also consider subscribing to my patreon page as small amounts of regular income are appreciated as well!