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This Video Synthesis Ecosphere Raspberry Pi (VSERPI for short!) is a platform consisting of a set of consumer grade hardware and interchangable open source firmware/software ‘images’ that can be executed on various combinations of the VSERPI hardware.  The core basis is that of a Raspberry Pi 3b nanocomputer running a modified version of rasbpian OS optimized for real time video processing/synthesis using programs written in c++ and glsl, class compliant usb cameras and midi controllers, and dedicated ADCs for processing incoming analog audio and video signals.  A handy way to think about this ecosphere is that of a video game system.  A Nintendo Entertainment System consisted of the Nintendo console (processor and DAC), game pad controllers, and a series of optional interfaces like a light gun, power gloves, and pads.  But in order to have fun with the system you would need to load up a cartridge with the firmware for a game.  The VSERPI is like the Nintendo Entertainment System in this analogy and each of the instruments are like the games.  Like the NES, certain ‘games’ require different sets of interfaces to have the most fun.  Duck Hunt was definitely a more interesting game with the light gun enabled.  Unlike the NES, this system is Open Source which means that anyone with enough motivation can modify and ‘hack’ the existing ‘games’ like the Game Genie hardware or romhack scenes for the NES or develop their own ‘games’ compatible with this system!

All of the instruments available in this ecosphere share the following characteristics

1. Small and portable form factor

2. SD NTSC/PAL analog video output via  rca cable or 720x480p video output via HDMI

3. Compatiblity with a wide range of consumer grade usb video sources and usb midi controllers

4.  Capture Bundles come with inputs for both analog RCA and s-video as well as digital HDMI video!  Connect your VCR, video mixer, camcorder, laptop, playstation, x-box, laserdisc, lzx, circuit bent glitch processors, and/or pick up all the synths I sell and put them in a giant loop!  Warning: I’m not responsible for any sleep you might lose if you start connecting waaave pools to artificial lives to temporal vortexes.  You have been warned!

5. Free firmware updates offering new features on a semi-regular basis.  Note that as of 2022, future firmware updates & new images are highly contingent on either patreon support or folks stepping up and working on their own updates!


“Can I send HDMI signals in?”
Yes! The new Capture Bundles allow for digital and analog inputs, meaning just about any video source you can think of can go into any one of these instruments!

“Can I get HD video out?”
You can send video out via HDMI but it will be at SD 720x480p resolution and you will want to make sure to select ‘pillar box’ mode on your display in order to preserve the aspect ratio!  Various hacks exist to upscale the output to 720p and 1080p resolutions but at the cost of frame rates dropping below 30fps.

“Can I use this USB analog video capture with this?”
Welp there are a lot of USB analog captures out there!  Some work ok, some work pretty good, some don’t work at all!  If you want to be 100 percent sure I recommend using one from our recommended list or pick up one of our Capture Bundles!

“I just got my Waaave Pool/Spectral Mesh/Artificial Life/Temporal Vortex/AutoWaaave and I need help getting started”
Here is a quickstart guide for auto waaaves and another one for everything else!

“Is there anywhere I can make suggestions, ask for help, or just post video stuffs I make with these?”
Most definitely, check out the Video_Waaaves Facebook Forum and/or the scanlines video_waaaves category for that!

“Where do I find updated images?”

“Where do I find Manuals?”
they all here

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