Any one of these things that retails under 50usd

How to enter: 
1. Download that image up there and run it through any one of the VSERPI instruments (waave pool, spectral mesh, artificial life, temporal vortex, or auto waaave). To get this image into the VSERPI instrument id recommend using another raspberry pi + feh + hdmi usb dongle or just put the image up on an LCD screen and rescan with a usb camera!

2. Record a clip that is 60 seconds or less. If you don't have a capture device you can try rescanning off an LCD or TV with your phone! Also the aforementioned hdmi usb dongle thing is pretty great for the price to capture VSERPI output onto a laptop!  Its hard to go wrong with a dongle. 

3. Make sure the file is encoded as an mp4 (check out handbrake if you need to convert things) and named YOURNAME_vserpi1.mp4

4. Send it via wetransfer to before May 17th 2021. If you have a title for your piece please include in the note!

5. All entries will be shared on the Video_Synthesis_Ecosphere instagram page on 12pm EST May 17th and there will be a 24 period when folks get to vote for the winner. Voting will be via comments from unique accounts on the videos, whoevers video has the most comments by 12pm EST May 18th will win!

7. As always, have fun!

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