Your purchase of Gravity Waaaves comes with
-GW main processing unit
-5x5 keypad
-midi controller
-dp to hdmi adapter
-analog video (rca composite and s-video) input
-digital hdmi input
-usb hub for peripherals
-pdf manual
-plus new master boot options for running Waaave Pool HD, Artificial Life HD, and Temporal Vortex HD on your GW hardware!

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- 2 channel mixing featuring Luma and Chroma Keying, and Additive, Subtractive, Multiplicitive, and Dodge Blend Modes, plus an RGB matrix mixer for Paik Abe Synth/Hern style effects
- 2 individual video delay lines of 4 seconds each which can run in parallel or series

- 2x 5 channel Colorizers/Solarizers/RGB processors
- Blur, Sharpen, and Temporal Filters for delay lines and inputs
- dedicated lfos for nearly every single parameter for increased performability
- built in visual graphic generators to use as seeds for feedback so you don’t even need any video inputs to get started

-geometrical transformations of all inputs and delay lines

- a bunch of bundled presets that I designed + the ability to save your own presets, and a midi macro system for customizing your midi control schemes

- a unique 3 block mixing & processing system which allows you to run GW as tho it was 2 HD waaave pools with a master video eq & mixing station at the end of the chain.
-sd or hd (up to 1080) inputs, hd 1280x720 inputs

***PLEASE NOTE!*** you will need to have a dedicated screen with native HDMI or Displayport handy to use to navigate the gui, in addition to whatever you are using as a main output!

WHY WOULD YOU WANT THIS: Gravity Waaaves is the only video mixer ever designed by video artists for video artists as a live performance tool above all else.  Gravity Waaaves is the only video mixer designed intentionally around using internal feedback as a powerful and unique video synthesis source.  It is the only dual video delay line out there in existence.  It is one of a handful of video mixers out there today that can natively mix sd analog video signals with hd digital video signals.  

PLEASE BE AWARE: Theres a lot going on in here and many people who were a fan of other synths I’ve made like Waaave Pool etc have been turned off by the sheer dense complexity of GW.  This is definitely an instrument that you need to spend some time with to get to know better. The trade off is that IF YOU SPEND THE TIME you will probably continue to learn new ways to use this for the rest of your life.  This is not a quick snack of donuts and chips, GW is a full ass meal that will continue to reward you for years and years if you are willing to meet it halfway.  If this sounds intimidating, please consider picking up Waaave Pool HD instead, as that instrument is much friendlier and aproachable and can do more than a couple of the same things!

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/******************JUICY VIDEO TEASERS*************************/

Gravity Waaaves’ “3 BLOCK” mixing system ends up feeling like 3 video mixers hidden in one.  A click of the button switches output view from any of the individual blocks, to all 3 at once.

Running two independent video delay lines feels like having 2 hd Waaave Pools under the hood.  A multi blend mode RGB matrix mixer at the end of the chain allows you precision control over the final output.

individual channel blur and sharpen means next level reaction diffusion patterns, both in the internal feedback loops and with camera feedback!

The semi modular signal flow means you can take the output of one video delay block and send it into another video delay.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a part of the VSERPI?
Nope!  nor is there any way to natively upgrade any VSERPI into GW.  Work is proceeding on adding most of the VSERPI synths to run natively as side loaded firmware on your GW tho.

Will there be any eurorack/audioreactive upgrade thingies for GW?
nope, i have basically zero creative interest in any future personal projects involving audio reactivity or eurorack anything.

Will GW have its own ecosphere, like versions of artificial_life and other apps from the desktop/pi stuffs?
yup, work is in process through 2023-2024 to port all the VSERPI into the VSEJET system!




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