MAVPS VIDEO COLLECTIVE (2014-2015 Chicago, various locations )
Together with Sara Goodman and Daniel Sharp we hosted a series of audio visual performances at various locations with an emphasis on real time video performance

GLITCH ART IS DEAD OPENING (2017 Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis)
An interactive installation with analog camcorder video feedback and digital video synthesis programs written in Processing mixed together in an unsynced video mixer.  Participants were encouraged to take the camcorder and explore the gallery as well as try out feedback through the unsynced mixers.  Video from the opening here.

BUGOUT BUNKER (2017 Knobcon, Chicago)
An interactive installation combining digital video synthesis programs written in Processing combined with analog camcorder feedback and live performance with the setup. 

Shrine 1 (2017 Digital Arts Demo Space, Chicago)
Two interactive installations:
1. A CRT wall with a camcorder pointed at the viewer with that feed mixed with an analog camcorder feedback loop as well as live video input from various other artists at the space so that as humans walked by they found themselves reflected as embedded both in the video art installations and dislocated in space time
2. Another CRT wall featured a digital video synthesis system based off of nonlinear dynamic systems.  Participants were invited to use a controller to navigate through the fractal phase space and do their best to cause the program to crash.

Telepresence 2 (2018, H0l0, Brooklyn)
An interactive demo of various digital video synthesis and processing programs based around the superformula, mixing sources via bitwise operations, and mapping camera inputs as control sources for abstract graphical environments.  Displaye on a deconstructed PC and LCD in a recycled camcorder case.

Shrine 2 (2018 Digital Arts Demo Space, Chicago)
A remote installation of an interactive open source video feedback program called Fractal Farm

VIDICON (2019, Phoenix) 
An introductory talk on Video_Waaaves and the principles of video feedback as well as numerous interactive demo sessions and collaborative performances.  Talk is available here (decent audio, laggy video).

A series of interactive installations and A/V performances with the Phase Space Video Art Collective.  Cameras were set up pointed out at Lexington Avenue and run through various forms of video feedback and projected back out of the windows so all foot and car traffic became a part of this spatio temporal sculpture.

VECTOR HACK FESTIVAL (2020, Various locations in Croatia and online)

A live streamed talk on vector synthesis, lissajous curves, and the vast world of harmonic structures found in musical scales beyond the western culture’s pythagorean 12 tone.  Talk (and a great deal else of the festival!) can be viewed here.

VIDICON (2020, online)

A live streamed talk on the overlap between video games, video synthesis, and the pyschedelic experience.  Full talk can be viewed here.

A live audio visual performance with Paloma Kop featuring guzheng and singing saw amongst other mysterous and spurious sounds.  Full video available here.

EEEE What is the Sound of this Shadow (2020, Brooklyn and online)

A collaboration with Katy Pinke where I used Temporal Vortex and Waaave Pool to create textural environments and temporal confusion during Katy’s poem-play performance. 

Terence Mckenna live a/v remix (2020, online)

A collaborative remix with Paloma Kop of a classic Terence Mckenna interview from Thinking Allowed on the subject of Hallucinogens and Culture.  Full video available here. 

Earth to Venus music video (2020)

Music video for the song “Earth to Venus” by Don Slepian.  Full video available here

Landforms Live a/v performance (2020, Brooklyn and online)

A live audio visual peformance at Wonderville and live streamed using various custom built audio and video synthesis programs.

Ephemeris Time (2020, online)

A video art gala curated by Andrei Jay and streamed at  Full archive of the show (split into 4 blocks) can be found here, here, here, and here.

Borganorganasm (2020, online)

Live a/v performance for NYE 2020.  Full video available here

Contraction and Relaxation (2021, online)

A live a/v performance streamed from Phase Space for Valentine’s Day 2021.  Full video available here.

The Strange New Science of Chaos live a/v remix (2021, online)

A live streamed a/v remix of an old Nova episode on the subject of Chaos Theory.  Full video available here.

Onyxmxy music video (2021)

A music video for the song “Onyxmxy.” All music, dancing, and video by Andrei Jay.  Full video available here.

“Smiling in Stereo” WMFU interview & a/v remix (2021, online and broadcast)

Interview with Matthew Bergey for their WFMU program “Smiling in Stereo.”  A/v remix of the interview available here.

“Video_Waaaves: Open Source Video Synthesizer Tools” (2021, online)

An online class presented by Echo Park Film Center and led by Andrei Jay covering the basics of their Video_Waaaves suite.

“Introduction to Creative Coding and Video Synthesis” (2021, Zagreb, Croatia and online)

A week long online course hosted by fubar/hacklab covering the basic concepts of building video synthesis programs in the creative coding language Processing.

“A Cilia Life Rift” music video (2021)

A music video for the song “A Cilia Life Rift.” All music, dancing, and video by Andrei Jay.  Full video available here.

Video Synthesis Tarot (2021 and ongoing, online)

An ongoing series that explores links between visual communication techniques in tarot decks and video synthesis.  Full playlist available here.

Phase Space Bed-Stuy farewell (2021, Brooklyn )

Curated and screened video works with Phase Space collective at our final show at our Bed-Stuy location.

Dancing in the Streeets (2021, Bathurst AU)

In collaboration with Michael Killalea and Esem Projects, Andrei Jay designed a customized version of their Waaave_Pool video synthesizer to provide a hands free and constantly evolving series of video feedback environments that participants were encouraged to physically interact with.

Photon Playground (2021, Brooklyn)

A series of interactive video art installations as well as a collaborative live A/V performance with New Delusion.

Burning Man (2021, online)

A premiere of their track Hyperportal from the a/v album ULTRATERRESTRIAL as well as several collaborative a/v works featured at the Synaesthesia collective stage in the Dusty Multiverse.

Fu:bar (2021, online and Zagreb Croatia)

A live talk titled “Myth and Magic of Analog and Digital” and a premiere of their track “Prism Rain” from their a/v album ULTRATERRESTRIAL as a part of the fu:bar glitch art festival.

10 years of XZX (2021, online)

A 5 hour retrospective of 10 years of creating audio visual art.  Full video available here.

Hyperborealis (2021, Brooklyn)

Interactive audio visual installations and a collaborative live a/v performance with New Delusion, Jonathan Sims, and Valeria Divinorum.

ULTRATERRESTRIAL premiere and ama (2021, online)

A premiere of the full lenghth a/v album ULTRATERRESTRIAL followed by live qna as a part of the Vidicon video art convention.

Phase Space collective Artist visit (2021, Weselyan University)

Hosted an interactive workshop on the history and practice of video synthesis and video feedback techniques, set up interactive video art installations, and performed a live a/v set; all together with other members of Phase Space Collective.

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