this course will offer a historical overview of topics in Chaos Theory as well as introduce you to experimental and creative approaches to writing computer code for artistic purposes using the programming language Processing.


1.  No coding experience is required!  However if you have never looked at Processing before I do recommend taking a run through this quick video intro before our first class

2.  A laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection.  Any operating system should work.  A usb camera and usb midi controller can come in handy for parts of the class but are not required.

3. It is optional but recommended to read the book Chaos: Making a New Science by James Gleick either before or during this class


class 1: 
-intro to key concepts
-1 dimensional cellular automata
-double pendulum system

class 2:
-lorenz equation & strange attractors

class 3:
-flocking & boids
-2d cellular automata, ‘game of life’

class 4:
-turing patterns, morphogenesis, Grey-Scott & reaction diffusion systems

class 5: (optional): show and tell, general feedback session


Each class will be between 1 and 1.5 hours long and will have 1 set of homeworks that are recommended to finish before the next class session.

Each class session will be recorded and the video will be made available in the classes shared drive if anyone wants to go back over details or had to miss part of or all of the class.

The total cost for the course will be 250usd.

The classes will be held via a video channel on the VSERPI discord.

If you appreciate the public domain open source software and educational materials I provide and can afford to spare some cash it is highly appreciated! The more donations I recieve the more time I have to spend on developing these resources!  Please also consider subscribing to my patreon page as small amounts of regular income are appreciated as well!