video circuits facebook
reddit video synthesis page
mod wiggler video synthesis
vector synthesis facebook
electro-music video synthesis and manipulation
reddit video circuit bending
(archival but great info) hardware reviews from vj central
video_waaaves facebook
videonic@ facebook (spanish language mainly)
Video Synthesis Ecosphere Discord (invite link)

software etc

hydra a live coding browser based video synthesis system
signal culture apps a variety of video processing applications (osx and windows 10 only)
r_e_c_u_r an open source diy raspberry pi based video sample player and processor
d_e_t_o_u_r an open source diy raspberry pi based framebuffer video delay and processor
vector synthesis library for vector synthesis in Pure Data
vsynth a video synthesis system for max/msp
software oscilloscope
the book of shaders just a fantastic intro to coding fragment shaders and also check their github for a lot of useful shader utilities
video_waaaves a software based video mixer plus framebuffer that also works as a chaotic synthesis system ​(full disclosure I wrote this program and it is a work in progress)


alfred university electronic integrated arts
institute for electronic arts
signal culture

recommended books

(pairs well with libgen)

chaos:making a new science by james gleick
complexity the emergeing science at the edge of order chaos by m michael waldrop
the fractal geometry of nature by benoit mandelbrot
a new kind of science by stephen wolfram
sync: how order emerges in the universe, nature, and every day by steven strogatz
dynamics: the geometry of behavior by ralph abraham
adventures of a mathematician by stanslaw ulam
the cosmic trigger by robert anton wilson
emergence by steven johnson
godel, escher, bach, and I am a strange loop by douglas hofstadter
the archaic revival by terence mckenna

DIY Projects

dirty mixer
panasonic wj-mx50 bob rall mod
panasonic wj-mx10 luma key mod
archer video enhancer circuit diagram
and archer video enhancer pcbs for modding
lone vidiot creations analog synthesis modules
a circuit for stripping and restoring time base from an analog video signal
circuit bending video mixers in general

documentaries, interviews, shorts

a rip of a vhs of a chaos documentary from the 1980s
if you like computer graphics of fractals and academics sitting on cray computers this is for you
the creeping garden
slime molds are very interesting to me
its filled with technology 
synopsis video synthesizer
daniel sandin interview
laurie speigal interview
everything i know by buckminster fuller
more sandin image proessor
phil morton is cool

thats hot!1


Robs little Whiteboard school a course in working with analog video signals by Rob Schafer
nonlinear dynamics and chaos
information and entropy
algorthms and more algorithms
principles of computation
digital signal processing
video feedback (yes this is me again, this is very rambling theory and applications)
video feedback more (also me, this is a more concrete series focused more on practical techniques and hardware processes)


softolgy some good tips and great links to video feedback experiments from all over
the ultimate video feedback page archived, not positive if all of thee links within work
library genesis every book is seems to be here
soulseek 2019 and its still great
internet archive a great place too look up fractals
a libary of service and owners manuals for much old video gear
vegetarian indian food
eric p dollard 
the philidelphia experiment
it is filled with technology
here comes everybody
white hole
world reciever
the golden horograms
u-skate world a guide to the grey stokes reaction diffusion system

if any of these links turn out to be dead and/or you have any suggestions for stuff to get added on here shoot me a line at ex.zee.ex at g mail dot comm and ill fix it at some point

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