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Gravity waaaves is a 2 channel video mixer with analog (rca composite or s-video) and digital (hdmi) inputs and digital 720 hdmi output.  it also features dual video delay lines of up to 4 seconds.  it also also features a unique semi modular mixing block system which allows you to chain external inputs with feedback delays in some rather unique fashions.  it also also also features tons of built in lfos.   

WHY WOULD YOU WANT THIS: gravity waaaves is the only video mixer ever designed by video artists for video artists as a live performance tool above all else.  gravity waaaves is the only video mixer designed intentionally around using internal feedback as a powerful and unique video synthesis source.   

HOW DO I GET THIS:  gravity waaaves will only be sold in limited quantities for limited times.  The first pre orders will be available in Nov 2022 and will ship in spring 2023.  Click here to purchase one while sales are open.  don’t expect any potential future sales until winter 2023 at the absolute earliest.  instructions for DIYing your own builds will be availble in early 2023.  Stay tuned here, at andreis instagram, the VSE discord, and for updates. 

/******************JUICY VIDEO TEASERS*************************/

Gravity Waaaves’ “3 BLOCK” mixing system ends up feeling like 3 video mixers hidden in one.  A click of the button switches output view from any of the individual blocks, to all 3 at once.

Running two independent video delay lines feels like having 2 hd Waaave Pools under the hood.  A multi blend mode RGB matrix mixer at the end of the chain allows you precision control over the final output.

individual channel blur and sharpen means next level reaction diffusion patterns, both in the internal feedback loops and with camera feedback!

The semi modular signal flow means you can take the output of one video delay block and send it into another video delay.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a part of the VSERPI?
Nope!  nor is there any way to upgrade any VSERPI into GW.

Will there be any eurorack/audioreactive upgrade thingies for GW?
nope, i have basically zero creative interest in any future personal projects involving audio reactivity or eurorack anything.

Will GW have its own ecosphere, like versions of artificial_life and other apps from the desktop/pi stuffs?
theoretically yeah, id love to bring a lot more over to this hardware set, but development of anything else on the scale of gravity waaaves will take kind of a long time ;)

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