Ok so this is a work in progress.  The manual that is.  Artificial Life is like at v1.0!  Tho it’ll still be worked on in the future, I am always looking for ways to improve and enhance the instruments I create!  So I guess its all works in progress.  Isnt that life tho, even the non artificial kind?  Just an ongoing Work in Progress???  We might never know!
    The best advice I have for learning Artifical Life at this moment is to watch this video and use the following diagram for for figuring out the controls!  Full manual will come someday lol and will hopefully be less than novel length.  Osc0 is the oscillator you see and control when this boots up.  Osc1 is the oscillator you see when you hit (f) to switch views.  Osc0_m is the oscillator devoted to modulating various parameters Osc0 without any feedback, same goes for Osc1_m.  The PM and RM and rate modulation between Osc0 and Osc1 as well as the internal PM for Osc0 and Osc1 are the main sources of signal based feedback. 


Rate: the speed of change between successive frames of a video oscillator

Frequency: the number of cycles per frame of a video oscillator

Amplitude: the brightness of a video oscillator
RM-ring modulation.  The amplitude (brightness) of the modulating oscillator modulates the amplitude of the carrier oscillator.  Will function both as ring and amplitude modulation depending on the amplitude of the carrier wave

PM-phase modulation.  The amplitude of the modulating oscillator modulates the phase (frequency) of the carrier oscillator.   


As you can see there are a number of toggle switches adjacent to each slider.  Pressing the S button next to each slider allows you to switch back and forth from the primary to secondary oscillator controls for each set of controls.  I’ll be referring to each S button with the number of the slider immediately to the RIGHT of the toggle switch so S9 refers to the little S button directly to the left.

The controls 1,2,3,9,10,11 are all switchable between Osc0 and Osc0_m.  Press s9 to switch between controlling Osc0 and Osc0_m.  Note that unless you have something dialed in to modulate Osc0 with Osc0_m (PM, RM, radial modulation) you won’t notice anything!  Same goes for controls 4,5,6,12,13,14 and s12 to switch between Osc1 and Osc1_m.  For example from booting up try hitting s9 right off the bat and then adjust Osc0_m PM (11) or Osc0_m RM (3) to see some of the different ways Osc0_m can affect Osc0!

1. Osc0 rate/[s9 Osc0_m rate]

2. Osc0 frequency/[s9 Osc0_m frequency] 

3. Osc0 RM/Osc0_m RM
Osc0 RM controls the amount of RM from Osc1 into Osc0.  Osc0_m RM controls the amount of RM from Osc0_m into Osc0.

4. Osc1 rate/Osc1_m rate

5. Osc1 frequency/Osc1_m frequency

6. Osc1 RM/Osc1_m RM
    Osc1 RM controls the amount of RM from Osc0 into Osc1.  Osc1_m RM controls the amount of RM from Osc1_m into Osc1.  The buttons s11, m11, and r11 change the ranges and filters of the feedback RM.

7. Osc0 red offset/Osc0 green offset/Osc0 blue offset/Osc0 contrast 
    Add color and contrast to the output of Osc0.  press s7/m7/r7 to switch between each mode.

8. Osc0 rate modulation/Osc0_m rate modulation/Osc0 camera or internal feedback PM/Osc0_m camera or internal feedback PM
   Osc0 rate modulation controls how much the rate of Osc1 affects the rate of Osc0.  Osc0_m rate modulation controls how much the rate of Osc1_m affects the rate of Osc0_m.  To switch between camera and internal feedback PM for this functionality press A.  Press s16/m16/r16 to switch between each mode.

9.Osc0 Amplitude/Osc0_m amplitude

10. Osc0 axis orientation/Osc0 radial/Osc0 rotation/Osc0 modulation rotation and
Osc0_m Axis orientation/Osc0_m radial/Osc0_m rotation/Osc0_m modulation rotation

wow this one does a lot of various radial, axial and rotational things.  As before to switch between Osc0 and Osc0_m hit the s9 button.  With none of s10, m10, r10 pressed this changes the axis of oscillation.  
  s10-Osc0 radial changes from concentric lines to concentric circles.  except they are not exactly circles lol but like blobby ovals.  I’m like symmetry but not like TOO much symmetry
  m10-Osc0 rotation controls the rate of free running rotations.  its another secret oscillator (but not a video oscillator).  geez what an absurdly complex unit!
  r10-Osc0 modulation rotation controls how much Osc0_m modulates the axis of orientation of Osc0!  its a real mouthful but just try it and it’ll probably make more sense.   
    you can figure out the Osc0_m version of this by now i think!

11. Osc0 PM/Osc0_m PM
    Osc0 PM controls the amount of PM from Osc1 into Osc0.  Osc0_m PM controls the amount of PM from Osc0_m into Osc0.  The buttons s11, m11, and r11 change the ranges and filters of the feedback PM.  The don’t do shit all to the Osc0_m biz yet.  but like will in the future most likely!

12.Osc1 Amplitude/Osc1_m amplitude

13. Osc1 axis orientation/Osc1 radial/Osc1 rotation/Osc1 modulation rotation and
Osc1_m Axis orientation/Osc1_m radial/Osc1_m rotation/Osc1_m modulation rotation
    yall got this right?  aint needin to cut and paste all over the place i am a busy human.

14. Osc1 PM/Osc1_m PM
    but just to reiterate:  Osc1_PM is FROM Osc0 INTO Osc1.  Osc1_m PM is FROM Osc1_m into Osc1.

15. Osc1 red offset/Osc1 green offset/Osc1 blue offset/Osc1 contrast
    yup yup.You’ll note that messing around with these values does all kinds of super fun and interesting things when theres any kind of feedback between osc0 and osc1.  and like there should always be at least a tiny bit of feedback between them, thats kind of the point of this!  

16. Osc1 rate modulation/Osc1_m rate modulation/Osc1 camera or internal feedback PM/Osc1_m camera or internal feedback PM
    same shit different oscillator.  Press s16/m16/r16 to switch between each mode.

A. Switch from camera/capture source to internal feedback source for Osc0 cam/internal feedback PM

B. Switch from camera/capture source to internal feedback source for Osc cam/internal feedback PM

E.  Motion recording
Turn on and off motion recording!  When motion recording is enabled there will be an 8 second buffer that will record and loop all continuous input!  Use this to sequence and automate every parameter to your hearts content!

G. toggle on/off wraparound distortion (amplitudes over 1 get wrapped around from 0)

H. toggle on/off foldover distorion (amplitudes over 1 get folded over from 1)

I. HD/SD aspect ratio switch
For use with the Capture Bundle supported HDMI usb input, this will switch the aspect ratio of the captured video to support 16:9

F. swap between viewing Osc0 and Osc1

J.  Parameter reset/Motion recording clear
Resets all parameters to defaults and clears all motion recording.

m9. Osc0/Osc0_m square wave 

r9. Osc0/Osc0_m saw wave

m12. Osc1/Osc1_m square wave

r12. Osc1/Osc1_m saw wave

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