This course will cover the basics of spatio temporal composition in abstract video art.  We will begin by looking at some exerpts from films by Akira Kurasawa, Brian De Palma, David Lynch, and Takashi Miike and discuss the narrative techniques being used and how we can apply them to abstract real time video synthesis.

This course will involve both a good deal of discussion as well as interactive experiments with video signals to help illustrate the various topics being covered.  The end goal for participants of this class is to develop a short solo or collaborative video performance for a show at Phase Space over the course of the following 4-8 weeks.  Additional lab time for rehearsal and equipment for the video performances can be provided by Phase Space with the caveat that nothing leaves the studio.

Topics covered
-What is the difference between shoot and edit based composition in cinema and real time composition in video?

-Approaches for notating and breaking down a video perfomance into a ‘score’

-Information theory, entropy, and how to use these concepts in temporal composition

-Nonlinear Dynamics and nonlinear narrative approaches

-Parallax, percieved depth, and color spaces: how to use human perception in abstract video art 

-Tarot, chaos magick, sigils, and tulpas: how to communicate without words and how to interact with abstract concepts in creative pursuits

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