this course will cover many of the basic techniques for making your own video synthesis and video processing programs using the java based creative coding language Processing.


1.  A laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection.  Any operating system should work.

2. Processing downloaded and installed

3. Some kind of webcam, either built into your laptop or an external usb based camera

4. No experience in coding is required


class 1: basic i/o for user controls and video, what is a pixel raster, color spaces & geometry

class 2: modulation and oscillators, video rate vs frame rate, pm & am, feedback modulation

class 3: video feedback

class 4: processing external video, keying & mixing, bringing it all together

class 5: (optional): show and tell, general feedback session


Each class will be 1 hour long and will have 1 optional assignment that will be due 2 days before the next class if you would like to get feedback or help.

Each class session will be recorded and the video will be made available in the classes shared drive if anyone wants to go back over details or had to miss part of or all of the class

The total cost for the course will be 250usd.

The classes will be held via a video channel on the VSERPI discord

March 2022 classes will be held thursday evenings at 6pm EST/EDT from 3/10 thru 3/31, and we will pick a date and time for show and tell together at the final class

To sign up please register by paying class fee to @aajjll via venmo (8275, picture of ufo over the vatican) OR ex.zee.ex at via paypal and include your name, email address, and "VIDEO SYNTHESIS PROCESSING CLASS 3/10/22" in the memo. registration will stay open until 3/3/22 or the class is filled, whichever comes first. feel free to email at ex.zee.ex at gmail if you have any questions!

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