Hello Word is a bare bones titler program.

Unlike most of the other VSERPI, hello word doesn’t take in any incoming video.  Tho i’m honestly curious if folks think that it should?  I don’t think it would be even remotely difficult to achieve.  Either way tho, as of right now it is just a handy way to get text out into an analog or digital video signal in order to key it into some other stuff.  You will need to have a usb keyboard plugged into your VSERPI before booting up.  Once you’ve booted up you’ll see the desktop as usual and then it’ll go to a black screen.  Start typing stuff and you should see some text appear.  Press return to go to another line (it won’t automatically wrap text) and backspace to delete.  There are some minimal midi controls as well.

1-3: RGB color controls 
1 controls red, 2 controls blue, and 3 controls green.  all three cranked is white, all three at 0 is black, everything else is kinda experimenting with RGB zones to figure out whats going on
4. Alpha
alpha is how transparent the color is, and as the background of this is default black, essentially controls the darkness of the text.  The reason I thought this would specifically be useful is that it is an easy way to fade the text in and out without fucking around with the RGB if you are lumakeying video into black using another mixer 9. X displace
10. Y displace
11. Z displace
12. X rotate
13. Y rotate
14. Z rotate
All these geometry things affect the entire text output as a whole

I’ll try to figure out a better way to add and manage fonts in the future but for now there is a really hacky approach.  Boot up with a usb mouse plugged in and then press esc to exit, and then navigate to /pi/home/openFrameworks/apps/myApps/HELLO_WORD_0/bin/date/fonts.  select ocrb10.ttf and rename it something like ocrb10_1.ttf.  Plug a usb drive in that contains the .ttf (true type font) file you’d like to use instead and drag it over to the fonts folder.  rename the font you want to substitute as ocrb10.ttf and then restart the VSERPI.


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