This class will cover the basics of several beginner friendly video synthesis environments that one can use on their computer.  Hydra, Vsynth, and Video_Waaaves will be the main topics.  Additional information on using OBS for recording and/or streaming, ADCs and DACs for mixing analog signals in and out of computer chains, and some basics on how graphics are processed and executed on computer hardware.

Topics covered
-What are video oscillators and how are they different from audio oscillators

-What is the RGBA color space and what is a color space? (linear/nonlinear)

-What is an image filter and what makes it a uniuqe operation?

-What is a framebuffer

-How to mix video sources (add, subtract, alpha, bit)

bonus topics
glitch video, feedback with vlc, what are shaders, livelab, syphon/spout feedback


This class will be offered as a 3 part online course over the month of July.    Hydra will be covered the first week, Vsynth the second week, and Video_Waaaves the third week!  Each class will be self contained so if you miss one or can only make one no sweat yo.  

This class will also be offered as a 3 part IRL and online course over the month of August!  Please make sure to double check both the date, class, and location of the class you are signing up for!  If you register for an IRL class and pull a no call no show you will have to pay a deposit for any further registration!   

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