This class will cover the basics of several beginner friendly video synthesis environments that one can use on their computer.  Hydra, Vsynth, and Video_Waaaves will be the main topics.  Additional information on using OBS for recording and/or streaming, ADCs and DACs for mixing analog signals in and out of computer chains, and some basics on how graphics are processed and executed on computer hardware.

Topics covered
-What are video oscillators and how are they different from audio oscillators

-What is the RGBA color space and what is a color space? (linear/nonlinear)

-What is an image filter and what makes it a uniuqe operation?

-What is a framebuffer

-How to mix video sources (add, subtract, alpha, bit)

bonus topics
glitch video, feedback with vlc, what are shaders, livelab, syphon/spout feedback


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