Chromatic aberration is an 8 band soft key colorizer/solarizer.  Note that this manual is for version 1.5, if you have a previous version the controls are pretty different so if this does not seem to make any sense for your version make sure to update yr image! 

Before color video equipment became common and inexpensive (arguably at some point in the 1980s), most video artists tended to work primarily in black and white video and then applied a colorizer to the end of the chain. The way that colors got assigned was by dividing the gradient from black to white into a series of bands and then allowing the user to individually assign saturation and hue levels to each band.  A soft key colorizer would allow for hue/saturation blending between the bands while a hard key colorizer would keep each band discrete and seperate.

Solarization was originally a photography technique that involves remapping the brightest half of a photograph in an inverted manner.  If you are familiar with image editing curves you can think of solarization as a transformation from a straight line to a triangle shape.  Strictly speaking ChromAb allows for not just solarization but any kind of 8 point curve to be applied to the brightness of the input video. 

Each set of knobs and sliders from left to right corresponds to one of each gradients between essentially black (1,9) and more or less white (8,16).  pressing the buttons A, B, and C changes the entire set of controls to various things but no matter what the control set is, 1,9 will always refer to the darkest band, 8,16 will always refer to the brightest band, and each set of sliders and knobs in between will control the corresponding 1/8 slice of gradient.

With none of A, B, or C pressed the default state will be a colorizer.  Each knob will control the saturation of the corresponding band and each slider will control the hue.  Test this out by cranking every knob to the right and then messing around with the sliders

With A activated the sliders will instead offset the brightness value.  to solarize you can ignore 9 thru 12 and try offsetting 13-16 by various amounts.  the knobs will still affect saturation in this mode

With B activaded the sliders and knobs will control 8 individual lfos that will shift the hue values.  each knob corresponds to lfo rate and each slider corresponds to lfo amplitude

With C activated the sliders and knobs will control 8 individual lfos that shift the brightness values.  each knob ->rate and each slider->amplitude

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